This is your opportunity to positively impact the development of your child with Autism.

SocialMind is a new startup providing digital training for parents of children with autism.

We are a telehealth Autism Center - KerenOr for Child & Family: a team of pediatricians, developmental psychologists, certified PRT trainers and ESDM therapists.

Our mission is to train parents by an App that will guide them on how to implement the highest standard of intervention with their child, within the natural setting of their everyday lives. As witnessed by families, this parent training is a life-changing practice for you, the child and the whole family. We invite you to join our pilot group for free!

Who is it for?

It is for native English speaking caregivers of children with autism. The child should be nonverbal or minimally verbal (i.e. have no spoken language or using no longer than one-word sentences), age 6 years and under.

Participants will receive for free:

· Eight interactive training modules, each module - 20-35 minute long, regarding one interventional key for motivating communication.

· An Activity idea catalog from which you can pick the activities that fit your child and family preferences and routines.

· Personal feedback from our experts (on implementing interventional keys) on uploaded home video interactions (optional).

· Further training modules (optional).

You are required to:

· Use 3-8 interactive training modules 

· For each module you choose to use, you will be required to participate in a personal video interview regarding your training experience. This will allow us to improve the modules based on the feedback we get. 

The pilot will start on November 15th, 2019.

application form

For further questions:

All the best,

Dr. Keren Sagiv Friedgut, Ms. Gabi Levy, Ms. Tatia Rosenthal SocialMind development team.

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